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Dog Book Reviews


Dog Book Reviews

Adopting a puppy or an older dog and bringing him into the nucleus of your home can be challenging at times. What do you do when the puppy starts eating your best feather pillow, chasing the cat, or digging in the yard? How do you introduce dogs and cats together so they leave in harmony? How do you potty train? Start a dog to become a Therapy or Service Dog? Is your dog the only remarkable dog on the planet?

Thankfully, there is a wealth of knowledgeable pet authors out there who share their wisdom on the subject. This section will be dedicated to reviewing dog books regarding: care, health and welfare or just those amazing feel-good stories that come from sharing your life with Man’s Best Friend.

Latest Reviews

Click to Calm
When puppies or older dogs display aggressive tendencies, the results can be heartbreaking. The dog can be handled by methods that any sane person should avoid. Or, the dog owner could surrender the dog to a local shelter, or take it to the vet to be destroyed.

The Angell Memorial Animal Hospital: Book of Wellness and Preventative Care for Dogs
Author, Darlene Arden offers to dog owners a comprehensive “Everything you always wanted to know about dog and puppy health, but had to look in forty books to find the answers- in her all-in-one guidebook:  Book of Wellness and Preventative Care for Dogs.

Partners in Independence
Helen Keller once said;  “It is a terrible thing to see and have no vision.”  In Partners in Independence- A Success Story of Dogs and the Disabled, Ed and Toni Eames share their vision.


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