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Click to Calm

by Emma Parsons

When puppies or older dogs display aggressive tendencies, the results can be heartbreaking. The dog can be handled by methods that any sane person should avoid, such as lifting the dog by its collar off the ground until the dog is unconscious. Or, the dog owner could surrender the dog to a local shelter, or take it to the vet to be destroyed.

Enter into this scary world, the calming, steady voice of experience as author Emma Parsons shares her own experiences with her once aggressive, Golden Retriever, Ben. Her reasons behind writing this book are simple. She wants to spare dog owners the moments of intense fear when their own dog turns on them, someone they love or another animal in an aggressive manner.

In Click to Calm, Emma Parsons introduces you to the art of clicker training. Using a clicker, treats and other positive rewards, she draws out the blueprint away from the terror of owning an aggressive pooch, thus creating a calmer dog. I know this for a fact, because I used her methods on a recently rescued pup who had high fear and aggressive tendencies.

The results, although not instantaneous were nothing short of spectacular with the technique finally clicked for both Kody and I (no pun intended). The end result, I now have a seven month old puppy who displays no negative tendencies, she is a delight to have around and fun to play with…though she does still bark at the clean clothes hanging on the clothesline.

I highly recommend Click to Calm, but I don’t recommend that you read only one or two chapters, then go out and practice on your dog. Devour the whole book before working with your dog. You will find with patience and practice that your dog will turn from adversary to best friend. I discovered that in using the clicker system, it not only calmed down Kody, but it also caused me to refocus in a positive way and calmed me down as well. Click to Calm is a real treat!


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