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The Angell Memorial Animal Hospital: Book of Wellness and Preventative Care for Dogs


Author, Darlene Arden offers to dog owners a comprehensive “Everything you always wanted to know about dog and puppy health, but had to look in forty books to find the answers- in her all-in-one guidebook:  Book of Wellness and Preventative Care for Dogs. Encapsulating all the issues you encounter when you bring a new puppy or an adult dog into your home, the book takes you with ease through the life of your pet. 

For those not active in the dog-world, Angell Memorial Hospital’s reputation among dog fanciers is stellar. A division of the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the Angell Memorial Hospital‘s creed is to provide the very best in care both medical and surgical to its canine patients.  Darlene Arden draws on this incredible staff of people to add to her own knowledge in this must-have book.

Understanding the ups-and-downs of bringing a puppy into the new home, the book starts with Puppyhood. Taking the reader step-by-step through the important decisions such as:

  • Which veterinarian do I choose?
  • What is the first initial visit like for the puppy?
  • What diseases should the puppy be vaccinated for?
  • How important is grooming?
  • What about puppy behavior?
  • How do you crate train?
  • Potty train?
  • What supplies are needed?

Darlene covers all areas in a user-friendly, easy-to-read fashion. She takes the medical terms, breaking them down into the language of laymen.

As important as puppyhood issues are, she also covers the middle-age period. What problems to watch out for, what different behaviors can signify health-wise for your dog. What to do if you dog is diagnosed with cancer, and that ever so life-shattering moment when you come to the realization that as much as you love Bowser, he can’t live forever. So, how do you let go? How do you say goodbye?

This book is a good-buy. If you know someone ready to head out to the local shelters to adopt a dog or puppy, before they leave, buy them this book. If someone has just found a stray dog and is unsure what to do next, buy this book. If you are an experienced dog-person- Buy this book! You won’t be sorry. Your pet won’t become just another sad statistic of a dog sent back to a shelter or abandoned for “not working out.” Book of Wellness and Preventative Care for Dogs is the tool you need for your dog to live a longer, fulfilled and active life.


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