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Small Dog Breeds

Small dog breeds, sometimes called the Pocket Pet dog breeds; because they can fit snugly into a woman’s purse, are quite desirable world-wide (also called the Paris Hilton Syndrome). Depending on your preference, you should be able to find a small dog breed to fit your style easily. Small dog breeds live longer than their larger counterparts, are readily accepted into public places, and are spoiled and pampered far above their harder working companions.

Some of the more popular small breeds in the United States are the Chihuahuas (brought into the limelight by spokes-dog for Taco Bell, “Yoquiero” in 1998 and recently by Paris Hilton's Tinkerbell) followed by Pugs, Maltese, Yorkies, and Toy Poodles. The small breeds are popular with people who live in smaller homes or apartments for they don’t need as much room to run. The small dog breeds are also popular with the Recreational Vehicle crowd as they don’t take up as much space and travel well.

Diminutive in size, they are still bold, and can be aggressive dogs making good watchdogs for your home. Their biggest draw is that they are lap dogs and make wonderful, devoted companions and they are very tolerant when some owners get a whim to dress them up in doggy clothes. Whether you have an active lifestyle or a sedentary life, there is a small dog breed that is joyfully waiting to share it with you.

Popular Small Breeds


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