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What Is The Best Way To Travel With A Puppy?

Itís lots of fun to take your puppy with you when you travel but there are some precautions you need to take to make sure your puppy enjoys the trip and arrives safely with you. Some puppies can experience motion sickness, for instance. And itís not safe to allow a puppy to ride loose in a vehicle. Here are some tips to help you enjoy traveling with your puppy.

Start Early

If you intend to take for your puppy to ride in your vehicle with you then you should begin taking him places with you at an early age. Spend some time in the car or van together when heís just a few weeks old when the vehicle is just sitting in your driveway. Play in the car with some of his favorite toys. Offer him some treats in the car. Make the vehicle one of his favorite places. You can gradually start taking your puppy for some easy trips around the block or take a trip to an ice cream place to share a cup of vanilla ice cream with him. Make these short trips with your puppy fun.

Use a Crate or Harness

When you travel with your puppy you should always use a crate or harness. Do not allow your puppy to ride loose in the vehicle. Puppies can and have caused serious accidents. They can distract you when youíre driving. They can get under your feet, interfering with the brakes or gas pedal. And you should never place a puppy in your lap when you drive. This may seem like a good idea when your puppy is small but when your dog weighs 20, 30 or 60 pounds and still wants to get in your lap while you drive, he could easily cause an accident. Some states have put forward legislation to make it illegal to drive with a puppy or dog in your lap.

Instead of allowing your puppy or dog to ride loose in a vehicle, choose a crate or a harness to keep him secure. Both products can protect your dog in case of an accident. If your puppy is loose in the car during an accident he can be sent hurling through the window onto the road and likely killed. Make sure that your puppy is secure in the vehicle when he travels.

Pit Stops

When youíre traveling with your puppy in the vehicle do plan to make regular pit stops so he can relieve himself. You will probably need to stop about every four hours for a potty break. Make sure you give your puppy some water during these stops, too. You can carry water from home or some distilled or bottled water for these water breaks so your puppy wonít get an upset stomach.

Remember to bring your puppyís food from home, too, but donít feed during the travel portion of your trip. Itís best to wait to feed when you have stopped for the night. Otherwise your puppy may get sick.


If your puppy gets carsick there are some things that can help. Ginger cookies will often help puppies just as they help children. There are some herbal remedies sold in pet stores that may help. Dramamine can also help but you should talk to your vet to find out the proper size dose for your puppy before giving him this over-the-counter medication.

Finally, it should go without saying that you should never, under any circumstances, place a puppy in the trunk of your vehicle.


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