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Build Your Own Agility Course: Standard Jump

Instructions below to build the "Standard Jump" agility course

What you need

  • 4 PVC pipe 18 long
  • 2 PVC pipes 2 long
  • 3 PVC pipes  4 long
  • 4 Ts
  • 4 end caps split vertically

Building the Standard Jump

Standard Jump
1. Parts for the standard jump

Standar Jump
2. Stabilizer base for standard jump  

Take one T and insert one 18 pipe in each side. Place 1  2 pipe in the center of the T.
Repeat (you need two of these)

Stand Jump
3. Bottom base for standard jump  

Take one T; place it on the pipe with the center of the T pointing up.
Take the other end piece and repeat this procedure
Connect one of the 4 pipes into the center of the T
Repeat with both end pieces
Put one 4 pipe into the other end of the T
You should now have two ends with a bar between them and two vertical 4 poles.

Stand Jump
4. Closer view of the standard jump frame and base  

Take 4 end caps and cut them in half vertically, so you have something that resembles a mini scoop with no handle.
With a small drill, drill a hole in the flat cupped portion of the end cap.
This is so you can attach that end to the vertical poles.

To measure placement, again check with the local kennel club and see what they advise. We went 3 high for the top bar. The end caps were spaced 6 apart.

Standard Jump
5. Jump with the top pole installed

Screw the end caps (for the support pieces) in place.
Cut your parallel bars (or jump bars) to fit.
Take 4 end caps and insert each one on the top of each vertical bar, and the end of each base. 
You now have a finished jump.    
Use these same guidelines construct other standard jumps


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