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Build Your Own Agility Course: Tire Jump

Instructions below to build the "Tire Jump" agility course (Tire jump on base- without tire attached)

What you need

  • 1 pipe   20 section
  • 4 elbows

Base for jump:

  • 4  1 PVC pipe cut to 18
  • 2 1 pipe cut to 36
  • 2  Ts

Building the Tire Jump

Take one T and insert 18  pipe into each side and the 36 into the vertical.
Pound gently but firmly into place.
Repeat with the remaining T and pipes.
You should have two of these bases.


Make your framework using the 2 pipe the frame will be rectangular.

Use the two short pieces for the top and bottom and the two long pieces for the sides.

  • 2- 34
  • 2- 32
  • 4 elbows

You are making this frame by connecting pipe with the elbows. Once the rectangle is made, attach it to the two base pieces using screws.  The base of the rectangle should be off the ground depending on the height of your dog. Anywhere from 6 to a foot.

Take your inner-tube/tire and with parachute cord, or fishing line, attach the tube to each four corners of the frame.

Tire Jump
Tire Jump Final

Your Tire Jump Final for dog's agility course is now complete.


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