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Build Your Own Agility Course: Weave Poles

Instructions below to build the "Weave Poles" agility course

What you need

  • 8 PVC pipes 3’
  • 4 PVC pipes 18”
  • 2  ¼” pipes
  • 10  T’s

Building the Weave Poles

Take a T and a short PVC pipe and 2  eighteen” pieces. Place the short PVC pipe in the center of the T and pound into place. (This is your stabilizer). 
Place 2  18” PVC pipes, one on each side of the T pound them into place.
Repeat this procedure so you have two stabilized bases.

Place a T with the center stub pointing up on the stub of the first stabilizer T.
Cut 8 pipes 20” long, take one 20” pipe and insert it into the end of the T, so that the pipe is laying flat on the ground, and the center of the T is pointing up waiting for the weave pole to be inserted.  Then take another 20” pipe and insert that into the T to continue the line of the weave pole base. Attach another T and repeat this procedure until you have your base for the vertical field poles.

Attach your second stabilizer, then in each T facing up, place a 3’ pole and pound gently into place.

Set your apparatus on a flat surface and align the poles so they are all straight and the same height. You can use a small drill to begin a hole for the screws to keep the vertical weave poles in place, but it is not recommended. The poles need to move when the dog hits them. Also by not attaching the poles with screws it keeps the unit portable.

Weave Poles
Weave Poles Final

Your Weave Poles for dog's agility course is now complete.


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